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This qualification reflects the role of individuals employed as beauty therapists to provide a broad range of beauty treatments and services including facial treatments, body massage and treatments, hair removal, lash and brow treatments, nail and make-up services. This includes consultation with clients to provide beauty advice, recommend beauty treatments and services, and sell retail skin-care and cosmetic products. Work is typically undertaken in beauty salons and spas.


This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply substantial specialised knowledge and skills to design and safely apply non-ionising radiation treatments using intense pulsed light and laser technologies for skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal on the face and body.
In this role they make complex, high level, independent judgements in consulting with clients, analysing their skin conditions, designing and evaluating intense pulsed light skin rejuvenation treatment programs, selecting and using appropriate technology.
They will also make complex, high level, independent judgements in consulting with clients wishing to remove tattoos, analysing their skin and tattoos, designing and evaluating QS Laser treatment programs, selecting and using appropriate technology. They will be able to apply it within the context of safe client and operator practices and in compliance with regulatory requirements.


  • SIBBHRS705A Apply intense pulsed light and laser safety protocols
  • HLTINF402B Maintain infection control standards in office practice settings
  • LLTSKR801A Design and apply intense pulsed light and laser skin rejuvenation treatment programs
  • LLTTAT801A Design and apply laser tattoo removal treatment programs

Licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification considerations for the use of Class 4 Laser:

  • Queensland Radiation Safety Act 1999, licensing of operator and premises
  • Tasmanian Radiation Protection Act 2005, accreditation of equipment, premises and operator
  • Western Australian Radiation Safety Act 1975 imposes conditions, limitations and restrictions on the use of Class 4 lasers.
  • Other states and territories, no licensing, regulatory or certificate requirements apply at the time of endorsement.



  • SHBBBOS002 Provide body massages
  • SHBBBOS003 Provide body treatments
  • SHBBFAS001 Provide lash and brow services
  • SHBBFAS002 Provide facial treatments and skin care recommendations
  • SHBBFAS003 Provide specialised facial treatment
  • SHBBHRS001 Provide waxing services
  • SHBBMUP002 Design and apply make-up
  • SHBBNLS001 Provide manicure and pedicare services
  • SHBBRES001 Research and apply beauty industry information
  • SHBXCCS001 Conduct salon financial transactions
  • SHBXCCS002 Provide salon services to clients
  • SHBXIND001 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment
  • SHBXWHS001 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices


  • SHBBBOS004 Provide aromatherapy massages
  • SHBBBOS005 Use reflexology relaxation techniques in beauty treatments
  • SHBBCCS002 Prepare personalised aromatic plant oil blends for beauty treatments
  • SHBBSPA003 Provide stone therapy massages
  • SHBBSPA004 Provide Indian head massages for relaxation
  • SHBBBOS006 Provide superficial lymph massage treatments
  • SHBBHRS002 Provide female intimate waxing services
  • SHBBINF001 Maintain infection control standards
  • SHBBSKS005 Provide micro-dermabrasion treatments
  • SHBBMUP003 Design and apply make-up for photography
  • SHBBMUP004 Design and apply remedial camouflage make-up
  • SHBBCCS001 Advise on beauty products and services

How can I enrol in the course?

We will send you an information pack about your preferred dates and an application form. All you need to do is complete the application form and return this to us to secure your place in the course of your choice.


There are no entry requirements to this qualification.

Pathways information: This qualification is not  suitable for an Australian Apprenticeship pathway.

 Course includes:

  • NAT10038 Graduate Certificate In Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapies
  • SHB50115 Diploma of Beauty Therapy on completion
  • Workbooks, training material, assessments
  • Clinic practical hours

Full time 9am –4.30pm 3 days
NAT10038 and SHB50115 combined 24 months

Additional course costs:
Compulsory uniform purchased from SBDI.
Course kit to be arranged by Learner.
Field trips may incur a cost to the Learner.

How can I pay for the course?
Call our office to discuss a payment plan that suits you best. You may choose self-funding through pay as you go.

Delivery Mode

Blended, in class & work placement

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