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Cosmetic tattooing, also known as micropigmentation, is experiencing growing demand within the aesthetic industry. As its popularity increases, more training options are also becoming available, including the nationally recognised accredited course SIBBSKS504A Design and perform cosmetic tattooing available at Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute. If you have never considered adding cosmetic tattooing to the menu at your salon or clinic, there are some very good reasons to add it now.

Demand for Cosmetic Tattooing
Despite the fact that more professionals are looking to this specialisation as a means of expanding their services, the supply of trained permanent makeup artists is not keeping up with current demand. Clients are expecting the professionals they choose to adhere to the highest possible standards and safety in Australia. To meet the goals of clients across the country, Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute works closely with the Aesthetic Practitioners Advisory Network (APAN) to upgrade practitioners to the nationally recognised qualification. APAN is the representative body in Australia for the new benchmark and standards for cosmetic tattooing.

Evolution of the Industry
Cosmetic tattooing is an evolving science, with new products, tools and techniques that promise more natural, beautiful results. In addition, more celebrities are coming forward with their own testimonies about the advantages of cosmetic tattooing, energising the trend for everyone that wants a quick and easy way to look their best every single day.

Options in Cosmetic Tattooing
One of the biggest changes to cosmetic tattooing in recent years has been the growing number of options in permanent makeup techniques. Today, cosmetic tattooing can be applied to any of the following areas:

  • Add colour and definition to eyebrows
  • Define lips with permanent liner
  • Create symmetry and fullness in the lips
  • Add definition and drama with eyeliner
  • Enhance natural freckles or beauty spots
  • Restore appearance of areola after breast reconstruction

Benefits of Cosmetic Tattooing
Cosmetic tattooing offers a number of benefits to your clients:

  • Ability to look their best 24 hours a day
  • Corrects minor imperfections and asymmetries
  • Option for clients with oily skin that tends to smear makeup
  • Aesthetic improvement on medical concerns like scarring and cleft lip
  • Simulates the appearance of areolas after breast reconstruction

Importance of Safety
As cosmetic tattooing becomes a more common procedure, concerns about safety will arise. Like other types of tattooing and cosmetic procedures, the need for a sterile environment and experienced specialists will send clients to the salons and clinics they trust the most. By providing proper training in your establishment, you will be able to offer your clients the safety and results they are looking for. Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute ensures our cosmetic tattooing students are up for the challenge by requiring them to take HLTINF4028 Maintain infection control standards in office practice settings and complete SIIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy prior to taking our cosmetic tattooing course.

At Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute, we offer extensive training in cosmetic tattoo. If you are a cosmetic tattooist seeking recognition of prior learning speak to Deborah about how to gain your nationally recognised qualification. To learn more about this course or other classes we offer, contact Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute at 9326 2211.

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