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Graduates of the Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute have a wealth of career options at their fingertips. Depending on your area of study, you may work in a wide range of environments, performing beauty treatments in medi-spas, cosmetic clinics – even on cruise ships. With many opportunities to explore, check out what your future could hold after you complete your studies with us.

Beauty Therapist
Beauty therapists perform many different types of cosmetic treatments, helping clients to choose the treatments that will provide the best possible results. This profession is diverse and typically takes you to locations like a salon or spa, cosmetic clinic, resort hotel or cruise ship. We offer the SIB50110 Diploma of Beauty Therapy students that wish to pursue this type of career.

Nail Technician
Nail technicians are specially trained to provide high quality manicure and pedicure services. These professionals may also offer nail art and gel and acrylic enhancements to their customers. Student that wish to become nail technicians may pursue a certificate II in Nail Technology. We also offer short courses in Gel polish and Nail art application for those that want to try out this career.

Laser Therapist
Laser technology has become a major component in the Aesthetic industry today. With the ability to perform hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and tattoo removal, laser technicians are in high demand. Our government accredited courses in laser technology and application will train you to use lasers to treat a wide range of skin conditions and concerns.

Massage Therapist
Massage therapy has become an integral part of the beauty industry today, and training in relaxation massage techniques will make you a marketable commodity in any location. Massage therapists use a wide range of tools and techniques to treat clients with both a therapeutic and an aesthetic focus. We offer the ability to specialise in relaxation massage as a part of our Diploma of Beauty Therapy.

At Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute, we strive to train our Learners to be industry ready and a career in the beauty industry. Our courses offer both theory and hands-on experience so that graduates are ready to seamlessly transition from the roles of Learner to fully qualified Beauty Therapist. Our clinic offers a simulated work environment that provides the Learner with the opportunity to experience what is expected once they leave the institute and become employed. To learn more about our programs, contact Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute on 02 9326 2211.

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