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International Learners Overview

Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute has trained many international learners from all over the world, such as Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, China, Philippines, Fiji, USA, Canada, South America, UK, France, Norway, Poland and many more.

Fascinating and colourful, all cultures are embraced and celebrated at special days throughout the year.

Why you want to study with us

We offer you individual attention in our small classes. Our educators understand the special needs international learners may have in regards to settling into a new environment, making new friends and adjusting to life using a new language.

Our educators are experienced in helping you to reach your maximum potential. Our role is to develop a personalized plan that suits your personal needs and meets your future goals.

We are committed to answering your questions, understanding your educational needs and preparing you for your educational journey at the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute.

Contact us for further information.

Career opportunities

Enjoy living and studying in Australia and then

  • travel the world on a cruise ship
  • work in a spa, salon, cosmetic or laser clinic
  • become an educator
  • beauty product consultant
  • own your own business
  • or extend your studies further into dermal therapies at university and receive credits for your studies already completed
  • your opportunities are endless…

Entry requirements

  • Overseas learners must be over 18 years
  • Have completed basic education at least the equivalent to year 10
  • Have an language IELTS Level of 5.5 or equivalent (Such as completion of for Academic Purposes (EAP) program or completion of General Upper Intermediate course)


All courses and assessments are conducted in English. Learners are required to demonstrate the minimum English language requirements of 5.5 IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or equivalent.

If your first language is not English we recommend that you complete English language training prior to entry into all of our courses.

Here’s a list of institutes that we affiliate with:


Student Visa Requirements

  • International learners need to enrol into Certificate Courses and are required to study full time (22.5 hours per week)
  • Once enrolment form and deposit have been received, an electronic confirmation of enrolment (e-COE), is issued and sent to DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship)
  • Learners apply for student visa via the Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Fees are refundable if the visa application is not successful according to our refund policy
  • Complete information on student visas can be obtained on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship website.


Course Duration

As an international student you are able to apply for a student visa if you enrol into one of our certificate or diploma courses.

The Diploma of Beauty Therapy or our packaged courses can be completed over 18 months offering learners extended practical work experience, completing an additional course and preparation for international accreditation. Some learners choose early completion.


Course Fees

Please register your interest and we will send you details of all the courses and cost involved as well as any current special offers available.

Further Institute Information

Further information on studying and living in Australia can be found in our Student Handbook and Induction Kit which you will receive prior to Enrolment or on request.

International Recruitment Representatives

Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute has formal agreements with International Recruitment Representatives (agents), both in Australia and overseas.

These representatives are trained to provide you with information about Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute and its courses and will find the answers to all your questions. They will also help you through the student visa application process.


Homestay is the most popular options of accommodation for learners so they can experience the culture & Australian Family life. For further detail please contact us. Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute are able to provide you with contacts if you require any assistance with accommodation.

Following is some general information about the cost of living in Sydney.

Housing options include

Share accommodation:

  1. Your own bedroom in a shared flat or house which generally involves sharing rental, Electricity/gas and phone bills.
  2. Approximately $150 to $190+ per week.

Private board:

  1. Your own bedroom, usually in family home, meals included
  2. Approximately $130 to $170+ per week.

Renting a flatette:

  1. Single bed/living room with its own basic kitchen, and often a shared bathroom.
  2. Approximately $100 to $200+ per week.

Renting a house or flat:

  1. One or more bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living area, and usually laundry.
  2. Approximately $150 to $250+ per week for one bedroom plus $60 to $150+ per week for each additional bedroom.

A number of Real Estate agencies service the campus area and are easily contactable either in person or by telephone, email etc.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available at Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute and can be credited towards any of our courses. Should you wish to use RPL on enrolment, your course duration and student visa will be reduced accordingly and noted on your COE. However you will still be required to study 22.5 hours per week within the institute.

Should you wish to use RPL after issuing your visa or after your commencement, we must report the change in course duration via PRISMS. An application kit is available and evidence is required, including transcripts and / or assessment and other supporting documents.

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