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If you’ve been considering a career in the beauty industry but are worried about course costs, the NSW Government’s Smart and Skilled funding program may be the answer you’re looking for.

What is Smart and Skilled?
The Smart and Skilled initiative provides funding to eligible candidates for vocational training, to help land a job and advance your career.

From 1 January 2015, the Smart and Skilled program subsidised course costs for training up to and including Certificate III courses, as well as offering financial assistance for Certificate IV and above qualifications in targeted priority areas.

Sydney Beauty & Dermal Institute (SBDI) is a leading beauty training institute in this country and a proud recipient of Smart and Skilled funding. This means that eligible students at SBDI can have part of their course costs paid for selected courses through the Smart and Skilled funding program.

Who is eligible for Smart and Skilled funding?
In order to qualify for Smart and Skilled funding, you must meet the following requirements:
● Be 15 (fifteen) years of age or older;
● No longer be at school;
● Be living or working in NSW; and
● Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or visa holder, or a New Zealand citizen.

If this sounds like you, check out the government-subsidised courses now available through SBDI.

Study support
Both Smart and Skilled and SBDI aim to support students to achieve their goals of gaining the skills and knowledge to advance their chosen careers.

Here we offer our top six study tips to support vocational learners in achieving best results:

1. Choose a time and place that suits you
Everyone has a preference for their ideal study environment. It may be in the quiet of your bedroom at night, first thing in the morning or at the kitchen table, with the radio on. Whatever it is, find a space and a regular study time that works for you and stick with it.

2. A little bit every day goes a long way
Studying for a shorter time every day helps you to retain information and develops understanding as you are continually reviewing things in your mind. It also helps avoid the stress of last-minute cramming!

3. Learn how you learn best
Everyone has a different way of learning that works best for them. Get to know your learning style and study in the ways you learn best.

● Auditory learners learn by listening. If this is you, try reading your notes aloud and discussing them with other people. Or you could record key points and play them back.
● Visual learners learn by seeing. If this is you, use coloured notes and diagrams to help represent key points. Images will also help with memory retention.
● Tactile/kinesthetic learners learn by doing. If this is you, use study methods like role-playing or practicing your skills on models/friends/volunteers.

4. Take a break
It’s important to take breaks while you’re studying, especially if you’re feeling tired or frustrated. Working too long on a task can actually decrease your performance.

When you take a break, make sure you move away from your desk or study space. Something as simple as a walk around the block, can sometimes help you to look at a problem in a different way and might even help you solve it.

5. Ask for help
If something doesn’t seem to make sense or you’re just plain stuck, remember you can always ask for help. Talk to your trainers about the things you don’t understand. Talk to your friends, family and fellow students too, as there are many people who want to support you to help you achieve your goals.

6. Take care of you
You’ll study better if you look after yourself. Make sure you are eating well and getting enough sleep and physical exercise. It’s also a good idea to keep hydrated for optimal performance – so make sure you drink lots of water when you’re studying. Remember successful studying is about balance. Looking after yourself and incorporating study into your regular routine will help you to achieve optimum results.

To learn more about the Smart and Skilled program or our training courses, visit the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute in Edgecliff, complete a contact form or call us on (+61 2) 9326 2211.

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