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A Laser Therapist is a professional in the Aesthetic industry that provides a wide range of treatments using Laser and Light Therapies. In addition to offering these services, Laser Therapists are qualified to help clients understand the different treatment options and technology available and make recommendations to their clients based on the skin concerns including hair reduction. At Sydney Beauty and Laser Institute, we prepare our Learners for a career in Laser Therapy with training and certification in the treatments that are most requested by clients today, using the latest in new technology equipment.

Treatments Offered by Laser Therapists
Laser Therapists are trained to offer a number of different skin treatments, including:

• Hair reduction
• Skin rejuvenation
• Tattoo removal
• Onychomycosis treatments (toenail fungus)
• Pigmentation treatments
• Vascular treatments
• Q Switched technology
• Acne treatments

As non-medical Beauty clinics become the mainstay for the Aesthetic industry, Laser Therapists are becoming even more in demand. These professionals are uniquely skilled in advising clients on the treatments available, analysing the skin, designing and applying a treatment plan and performing the procedure to achieve the best possible results. They can also provide professional advice on home care products that will enhance and maintain the results of clinical treatments.

Career Options for Laser Therapists
Qualified Laser Therapists typically work in salons or clinics across Australia. However, the training and certification also lends itself to working in other areas of the Beauty cosmetics industry such as skin rejuvenation clinics as a Skin Therapist. Laser Therapists are qualified specialists and have enrolled and completed a high level of study to achieve accreditation which makes them marketable to medical clinics as well.

Getting the Training You Need
Laser Therapists require the accredited training and education in order to administer Laser treatments in a safe and effective manner. At Sydney Beauty and Laser Institute, we offer SIB70110 Graduate Certificate in Intense Pulsed Light & Laser Hair Reduction and 10038NAT Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser and Light Therapies which will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to enjoy a successful career in this field.

Launch the career you want by getting the training you need. At Sydney Beauty and Laser Institute, we offer government accredited training in the field of Laser therapy to allow our graduates to succeed and secure employment. To learn more about our courses, contact us on 02 9326 2211.

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