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Do you have the skills, knowledgeand experience to keep ahead of the changing technology and legislation of the Beauty industry?

Now, more than ever, Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute are integral to professional development and keeping current in your career.

The increase in new technologies entering the industry, changes to legislation for beauty, cosmetic tattooing and Laser and Light based therapies and the consumer demand for high end anti –ageing treatments is driving the need for ongoing training, upskilling and upgrading of qualifications.

Beauty is the beast.

Everyone is concerned with health, well-being, looking better, fitter, fresher and firmer and not just for the summer beach body months. Now it is not just diet and exercise that form the bulk of our fitness regime. Our health and well-being is also reliant upon the beauty industry. A facial and a scalp massage are no longer considered once a month pampering. Beauty treatments form part of our day to day regime in attaining health and longevity.

Everybody wants you (and your skills).

The beauty industry has never been so accessible. Beauty clinics, spas and cosmetic procedures are no longer just for the wealthy. New technologies are affordable and convenient for the time poor.

Tourism has driven an increase in the industry, spa treatments for couples, resorts with day spas and Australia’s reputation for highly skilled clinicians offering affordable state of the art procedures make Australia a destination for beauty treatment enthusiasts.

Products and treatments that deliver actual results not simply aesthetic results are gaining more and more prominence. Laser treatments, chemical skin peels, muscle relaxants and fillers are increasing in popularity as part of a regular health regime.

>u>How many ‘likes’ do you have?

Professional development with the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute is the only way forward for salons to keep leaps and bounds ahead of their internet savvy clients. Today’s customer does their research and arms themselves with the latest knowledge. They research which salon does what procedures, agonise over salon reviews, celebrity beauty trends, Facebook comments, Instagram before and afters, procedure statistics and even clinician profiles and qualifications.

Employers, salon owners and practice managers need to ensure their employees skill set is advancing as quickly as the technology and to meet the demands of their clients. Professional development helps build and maintain your staff morale and also attract a high quality of staff; enabling you to offer your clients more procedures and a greater trust in your brand and business by offering techniques at the peak of the industry.

Employees who continually strive for better training and skills upgrading are the best brand ambassador for your business. The Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute cater to all levels of students and will happily recommend the appropriate courses for you or your business to develop.

Staff at the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute understand the importance for practitioners to continually develop and have been training the highest nationally recognised qualifications and professional standards of Beauty Therapy for 30 years. Coursework combines theory and invaluable clinic experience under supervision of your Trainer. Theory is provided in a series of lectures, face to face in small groups. Most importantly the Trainers at Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute have a wealth of experience and continually build their professional development by updating their knowledge and qualifications to keep current in the beauty industry.

Conveniently located, offering year round enrolments the Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute courses offer complete packages to ensure best quality results for clients and therapists. 

To upgrade your qualification and attain professional development, visit Sydney Beauty and Dermal Institute, complete a contact form, or call and speak to a careers advisor on 9326 2211.

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